Application security

Web applications have become the primary vector for attacks, making app security testing critical to protecting the enterprise. With superior app security testing technology, enterprises can find flaws and vulnerabilities in software and fix them before attackers can exploit them.

While most enterprises acknowledge that testing is essential for app security, integrating app security testing into the software development lifecycle (SDLC) is no easy feat. Many testing solutions require a significant investment in hardware or software, as well as staff resources to maintain and upgrade them. Software development teams are frequently resistant to introducing app security testing technology into the development process, as many solutions are time-consuming and can make it harder to meet deadlines.

Qodes Technologies is a leading provider of solutions to secure the software that powers business and innovation. With comprehensive solutions for app security testing, we help the world’s largest enterprises minimize application-layer risk across web, mobile and third-party applications.

Our unified platform offers automated, cloud-based services that provide broad coverage through multiple testing methods, centralized policies and world-class expertise. Organizations in a wide range of industries rely on our app security testing technology to support security DevOps initiatives, to serve as OWASP testing tools, and to eradicate flaws in software from inception through production.

As a cloud-based solution, our app security testing services require no capital investment in hardware or software and no ongoing costs for maintenance or upgrades. With Qodes Technologies, testing is fast and easy, enabling developers to integrate testing into every phase of the SDLC without slowing development timelines. And because results are returned with a Fix-First Analysis, your team will know exactly where to start in order to address the most serious threats to security.

Our app security testing services include:

  • Web Application Scanninga web application monitoring tool for identifying web applications – even the ones you don’t know about – and scanning thousands of sites in parallel to find and prioritize your biggest risks.
  • Static Analysis for scanning binaries and analyzing major frameworks and languages to quickly identify and fix application security flaws without requiring source code.
  • Qodes Technologies Static Analysis IDE Scan for providing immediate feedback within your IDE to help developers spot security flaws as code is being written.
  • Software Composition Analysis for inventorying and scanning open source components to identify vulnerabilities.
  • Vendor Application Security Testing for evaluating the security of third-party applications without requiring access to source code.