At Qodes Technologies, we understand that when it comes to IT support, businesses have different needs and we are able to offer a range of support services to fit the needs of any organisation. Our Premium ICT Audit is a completely objective audit which involves gaining a general  understanding of your organisations ICT environment(s) and various assets. A Trident audit will ensure that risks are identified and remediated prior to any costly critical system outages and/or loss of data enabling your organisation to reap the full benefits of your technological  investment. We can review all key components of your environment associated with security and privacy.

This review will:

  • Assess risks
  • Identify gaps and weak control areas
  • Advise on compliance requirements

Our industry certified engineers will activate specific discovery probes to gather the required data from your IT environment or areas specified in the scope. Once all the data has been gathered and analysed by our professional auditors and engineers, a detailed document and a high level traffic light report will be presented to your business with actionable recommendations.

The Premium IT Audit Solution Scope includes an independent, objective audit of 8 key ICT Elements:

General I.T. Operations (Architecture overview, UPS, etc.) Process maturity and Documentation. Servers & Storage (System architecture, OS updates, etc.) Networking (Cabling, Network architecture, etc.)
End User Computing (Devices, Standard Operating Environment, Threat Management, etc.) Security (Surveillance systems, physical access controls, etc.) Licensing (Support agreements & individual licensing, etc.) Disaster Recovery (Backup & recovery procedures, etc.)