itsecurity1 Despite huge investments in security solutions, data is still not completely protected. What is needed is a constant checking the correctness of security solution implementation against industry’s best practices and the latest threats. Secuready™ reports the current state of protection of your network by analysing the gap between best security practices and enterprise security products implementation – so you can fix those gaps quickly.



Scans Multiple Devices At ‘Go’

Secuready scans multiple devices at a single run. Configure all the rules and make all devices on the network scannable. Secuready will work its magic and give you a clean report you can go over and fix the issues quickly.

Supports Major Platforms

Secuready supports major technology platforms and vendors around the world. No matter where your firewalls, routers, VPNs, proxies and related security devices are bought from, Secuready probably supports it already. And we constantly add support for new vendors and technologies.

Best Practices and Benchmarks

Secuready supports leading security and audit standards out of the box. You can audit your network against PCI, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, CoBIT, ISO, GLBA without any configuration. The Secuready Experts Team offers unlimited support to make specific configurations for your organization.

Easy-to-Read Reports

Anyone can read and understand Secuready reports quickly. Each section clearly identifies essential information like the node, hostname, serial number, software version, status and other pertinent information. Wherever needed, plenty of chartsare included for faster understanding.

Handles Complex Rules 

Secuready is designed from the ground up to handle policy implementations of great complexity. Whether you are an enterprise with 500 nodes or a data centre with thousands of nodes, Secuready can effectively monitor and fix your compliance issues.

Easy to Implement

Secuready can run as a virtual machine, a web-based tool or can be self-hosted. You can run the application for the standards we support and run reports within minutes. Our Premium Support configures the application based on your organization needs.

Fine-Grained Administration with Roles

Secuready supports role-based administration. This allows administrators to control finely the access permissions based on their functional roles.

Up to date

Always Up to Date and Protected

Your network stays updated and protected with Secuready, which is synced to the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database.