Gain rapid access to deep expertise to help optimize performance, resolve issues and use new technology more effectively. When your software isn’t running optimally, neither are your business operations. But getting to the root of a software issue can be a challenge, especially in a multivendor environment with multiple support agreements and points of contact.
We offer reasonably priced and dependable post-delivery Application Support and Maintenance Services covered under stringent SLA practices.
Once your application goes live we can help you by providing the best application maintenance services so that, you can pay attention on building up more business for your application. With a dedicated Support & Maintenance team, we have gathered extensive experience in the application support and maintenance of complex applications.
QODES Application Support makes sure that your business applications are handled and run flawlessly to offer stable and high performance platform. Our exhaustive set of frameworks, proven methodologies, 24/7 support, process compliance and domain expertise help our clients achieve:
• Faster time-to-market.
• Better operational capabilities and decreased price by reducing the number and time-span of business-critical application outages.
• Best use of refined productivity for strategic initiatives.





QODES Application Maintenance Services – Highlights

• Our key differentiator, continuous measuring of the performance of consultants & developers; this assists us measure their work on a day to day basis. This increases work productivity and decreases bugs in application.
• Application bug fixes.
• Ongoing Application Maintenance and Management.
• Root-cause analysis and trouble shooting.
• Performance Testing Services.
• Expert team of highly qualified software developers and testers.
• Tracking the SLAs norms jointly with customer.
• 24/7 helpdesk support

Support level Role

We decide upon support levels and response time required, after strenuous consultation with client. Here is a demo example-
• Level 1: Issues which requires instant attention and response time is immediate to less than 4 hours.
• Level 2: Issues which should be resolved in 4-24 hours.
• Level 3: Issues which should be resolved in 24-72 hours.
• Level 4: Issues which can be resolved within 10 days.
We have the ability of delivering the following production support services to customers for the business critical solutions with strict SLAs for response, work around and resolution of issues.
• 24 hours X 7 Days a week.
• 16 hours X 5 Days a week.
• 08 hours X 5 Days a week.