loan management system

Qodes Technologies highly specialized loan software comprises two critical components, the Loan Origination System (LOS) and the Loan Management System (LMS), together covering the whole loan life cycle from capturing essential details of customer to creating loan with facilities enabling repayment, disbursement etc.

This software from Qodes Technologies Limited is suitable for:

  • Lending Entities (Home Loan, Mortgage Loan, Automotive Loans etc)
  • Banks
  • Credit Unions

Customer details and KYC documents are fed into the LOS, which has the capacity to assess credibility of a customer based on the details. The LOS facilitates configuration and change of workflow, adding of pricing strategies and user responsibilities, and administering of override parameters for both retail and corporate customer creation and loan processing. Hence, banks can leverage the software infrastructure and finely-tuned modules to offer policy compliant products, support operations and achieve fast implementation at reasonable costs.

The LMS takes over once the loan has been created. It facilitates loan disbursement through different modes such as cash, transfers etc. in a streamlined manner. The advanced software is capable of deciding the repayment capacity of the customer and allows approver to sanction loan as per the range suggested by the software. The system has facility to generate repayment schedule. Another rewarding feature is the option to incorporate multiple payment modes, including direct transfers and instant money transfer facilities.

The intuitive loan software solution is basically designed to address the end-to-end processes involved in the loan business. Built and integrated on an agile, scalable platform, PTL’s LS streamlines and simplifies processes involved in both secured/unsecured loans at various levels.

It has easy-to-configure modules that will aid banking and non-banking enterprises transform seamlessly to new generation up-to-date banking and investment processes. The all-inclusive loan solution can be out-and-out customized to streamline loan processes and practices of any financial entity. The software can be easily integrated to core banking solution or any third-party financial modules.

The software has decision making engine incorporating bureaus like CIBIL score. Also, it’s integrated with call center solution for follow-up.

The loan products may be defined for an unlimited number of days, weeks, months, or years. Loans may be disbursed in parts, and multiple loans may be active simultaneously. Interest, fees, loan schedule and many other parameters may be specified by product and may be amended on a client-to-client basis.

  • The high performance, state-of- the-art platform offers comprehensive web interface which can be extended to mobile interface as optional.
  • Optional web and mobile interface that could be extended to customers
  • It has easy-to configure modules that enable smooth integration with the existing CBS module and any third-party applications through its state of art API interface layer
  • Built in user management and role management module for authentication and authorization management
  • Multiple reports with many statutory reports
  • KYC management with alert on expiry of KYC documents.
  • Branch specific or global, easy and quick customer search and navigation options for loan creation.
  • Have a built-in version of the Crystal Report solution exclusive for report generation
  • MIS dashboard (financial and analytical reports) transactional reports facilitate easy access to any information available in the system.
  • Option to create multiple product features or classification and provision to link the products to specific branches.
  • Option for quick glance of outstanding loan verification and automated system alerts, if the loan limits exceed various business parameters defined in the system.
  • Provision to classify loan depending on purpose category/sub category.
  • Seamless integration with promotional schemes and offers.
  • Under the secured loan system, items to be pledged can be classified to various natures and the rates are fetched based on the configuration settings.
  • Multiple approval workflows are well integrated with loan creation.
  • Provision to define appraiser testing parameters for collateral loans.
  • Seamless printing of pledge forms included with customer photographs.
  • SMS integration for transactions.
  • Re-verification of loans before moving to strong room.
  • Part payment options or loan renewal option for different schemes.
  • Anywhere transaction option across branches is available. Seamless accounting transaction is managed by systems for effective tracking of transaction even from accounting modules.
  • Seamless integration of transaction approval cycles for settlements or discounts.
  • Loan closure and release processes.
  • Token lost management.
  • Loan transaction cancellation with various checking parameters like time elapsed, number of transaction etc.
  • Complete auction process management: this includes marking of loans for lifting for auctions, actual lifting of pledged items, sorting at various sort centers, auction at auction centers, automated financial books updating with the auction transaction settlements etc.
  • Notice management: provision to generate various notices at defined intervals and print and dispatch of the notices.
  • Can run smoothly on a normal broadband connectivity (This will help save huge investment and recurring cost on the network infrastructure).
  • Cheque management module for managing post-dated cheques that are due as on the given date.
  • E-payment capabilities.
  • Facility to swap the repayment details.
  • Customers can pre-close/close loan by clearing all dues and the pre-closure penalty if applicable.
  • Options to customer for top up a loan.

 Lead management
 Loan enquiry
 Loan creation
 Loan approvals
 Loan search
 Loan transactions
 Loan Top-up
 Loan Renewal Options
 Overdraft loan management
 Customer details (provision for different type of customers)
 Direct accounting integrations
 Loan closure
 Loan release
 Token lost management
 Account details
 Account review
 Due/overdue details
 Loan settlement
 Statement printing
 Reminder notices
 Credit Risk Rating automation
 Credit Bureau Reports and Interface Integration
 Disbursements (differentiates new loan and further loan)
 Lending rate management
 Legal Module
 History of Variation (any changes)
 Document uploads
 Security Details
 Security management system
 Expiry notice
 Automated calculation
 Ready reckoner for customer assistance
 System generated letters
 Receipting, payments and journals
 General ledger postings
 Branch cash and cheque analysis report